Breakfast Club

Welcome to Breakfast Club

Here at breakfast club we aim to provide the children with the best start to the day so that they are energised, fresh and ready to engage.

For those children joining us for breakfast at 7.45am, we offer a healthy choice of food options including healthy cereals, wholemeal toast, fruit, yogurt and fresh juice; in addition to seasonal variations such as pancakes and porridge.

Breakfast is then followed (at approximately 8.15am when the second session commences) by a range of activities to suit the children’s interests and favoured learning styles. The space will be divided into three zones:

Reading –the children are provided a space to chill out with a good book; there will also be opportunities to talk about their favourite books and participate in book related activities at various times in the year.

Art & Craft – children have the opportunity to draw, colour in and partake in some simple origami and craft activities.

Team/physical activities – this includes drama games, ball skills and physical games, in addition to music and movement.

The intention is that students choose what activity they wish to participate in. Activities may adopt a themed approach at certain times of the year.


Some children will attend Breakfast Club every day whilst others will only attend on an occasional basis.

Money will be paid in advance.

If children do not attend regularly all we ask is that we are made aware of the pattern of attendance so that our staff supervision levels are adequate.

All this for £5.00 per session or £2.50 for play session only 8.15am until 8.45am

Payment can be made by Parentpay, cash or cheques. We also accept Childcare vouchers – Please ask the office for details

Come and join us!

Micky Davis (Breakfast Club Co-ordinator)

Together we are a spiritual environment where everyone in our school is encouraged to have fun, love learning, be creative, active and caring and to be the best they can be.

The Breakfast Club has a communication book which is shared with the school office once Breakfast Club has finished. The Breakfast Club are happy to take messages you may wish to pass on to the School Office regarding your child – however, please do not leave messages about absences as this  must be reported to the school office by 9am by telephone.