Curriculum Aims

English: Educating for…

WISDOM –We want our children to acquire a wide vocabulary, read easily with fluency and good understanding and write accurately and coherently to communicate ideas. We will endeavour to ensure that phonics and early reading provide excellent foundations for building these skills.

INDEPENDENCE – to read widely for both pleasure and information. Through the use of exciting rich texts, we want children to produce unique and inspiring ideas selecting their own ideas for presentation and genre.

CREATIVITY – We would like for our children to be able to seek opportunities to create, refine and share with a real audience.

KINDNESS – Through reading, we want our children to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Our current project is to ‘Build a Community of Readers’

Here are some examples of our vocabulary grids to help build our Word Conscious Classrooms:
Year 1 Toys
Year 2 Tudors
Year 3 Stoneage to Bronzeage
Year 4 Amazon Topic Vocabulary
Year 5 Medieval Realms
Year 6 Conflict

If you would like to know more about our Word Conscious Classrooms please read our letter:
Word Conscious Classrooms

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