Newick Church of England Primary Governing Body

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Chair of Governors – Mandy Watson

The governors’ aim is to enable Newick School to provide the best possible education for the children in a happy, stimulating environment. They work to ensure that the experiences are provided at Newick School to enable every child to achieve their full potential, academically and socially. In the last OFSTED inspection, governance was rated as ‘Outstanding’.

The governors work closely with Miss Alty, the headteacher and her staff. As school governors they are responsible for the strategic direction of the school; monitoring and evaluating the performance and effectiveness of the staff and ensuring that the children make appropriate progress in all areas of their education. They ensure that the budget is managed prudently, act as critical friends to the staff, monitor the school development plan and are involved in OFSTED’s school inspections.

In line with government guidance, the governing body has recently reconstituted. Some categories of governor have disappeared so those governors are now co-optees, to allow the school to retain their skills and experience. Local authority governors are nominated by the County Council; Foundation governors are chosen by the Diocese; parent governors are elected by the parent body (unless there are the same number of candidates as places); and, co-optees are elected by the governing body. Governor terms are usually for 4 years.


To attend FGB meetings and appropriate committee meetings

To make visits during the school day, regarding the Governors link role at least 3 times a year and to report on their subject/area role to the Governors

To meet new staff whenever possible after their appointment

To attend appropriate governor training sessions and keep up to date via The Key for Governors and the VSB

To read all papers before the FGB and send comments to the Chair in advance, when appropriate

If you would like to contact a governor or the governing body as a whole, please leave a note in the school office.

The roles and responsibilities of the current governors are detailed below:

Statutory Information

Name of Governor Relevant Business Interests Other educational establishments governed Relationships with school staff Governor type & appointment date Date of expiry of office Attendance at Full Governing body meetings 2017/18 School Year
Amy Clarke None None Deputy Headteacher Staff


20-04-2023 0/0
Chris Barnes None None None Associate****


22-9-2020 3/6
Rob Boswell None Yes** None Co-opted


30-9-18 5/6
Jane Johnson None None None Co-opted


18-10-2022 5/6
Mary Molloy None None None Co-opted


23-10-21 5/6
Caroline Smith None None None Foundation


29-12-20 5/6
Ian Bellis None None None Foundation


04-04-2023 0/0
Natalie Alty None None Headteacher  



N/A 4/6
Mandy Watson


None None None Co-opted


04-07-2023 0/0
Paul Mundy None None None Foundation


Kalpna Robertson None None None Parent


19-04-2022 1/1
Jon Tivey None None None Parent


30-1-21  5/6

Additional information: The Premises and Finance Committee and The Personnel Committee hold 6 additional meetings per year and Governor attendance figures are available upon request from the School office.

** Governor on Newick Teaching School Strategic Board

**** Associate Governors do not have voting rights

Governor Link roles


Governor Link role Committee


Panel Other Governor



Caroline Smith



Vulnerable Groups

Pupil Exclusion Teaching and Learning Lead Foundation
Chris Barnes


STEM; Esafety Pay Appeal Associate
Jane Johnson Finance and Premises Schools Forum Co-opted
Mary Molloy


Finance and Premises Dismissal Coopted
Rob Boswell Sport/PE; Outside Activities Finance and Premises (Ch) Pay Appeal Teaching School Strategy Board Coopted
Sue Berry Personnel Dismissal Coopted
Natalie Alty School Development Plan Finance and Premises; Personnel Headteacher
Jon Tivey


Rev. Paul Mundy

Finance and Premises (V. Chair)






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