Our Vision Statement


Together we create a spiritual environment where everyone in our school is encouraged to have fun, love learning, be creative, active and caring and be the best we can be.

Newick C. E. Primary School is a friendly, welcoming, child centred learning community where the whole school community works together to ensure that our pupils are nurtured and cared for and strive to be the very best that they can be in all areas of their lives. We are committed to Quality First Teaching for all of our pupils. Through this we all strive to engage our pupils to become enthusiastic life-long learners. Our pupils leave this school as confident and compassionate young people who have a strong sense of both the Christian and British values which are part of our modern culture. Each and every person is a valued individual who has talents and skills which contribute to our joint learning.

At Newick we have ‘5’ key learning behaviours. These are:

Curious – exploring and investigating, questioning and wondering, challenging assumptions

Imaginative – generating new ideas, using intuition appropriately, making connections

Resilient – thinking about how to get stronger, tolerating uncertainty and complexity, willing to make sustained effort

Collaborative – being an effective team member, being self-aware, thinking interdependently

Disciplined – learning from experience, thinking critically and rigorously, crafting and improving

Members of the school community have also had a focus on selecting our Christian values which are:

Friendship                              Courage

Perseverance                              Forgiveness

Responsibility                               Trust

Compassion                               Peace

Truthfulness                              Respect

Our curriculum aims to have authentic outcomes that matter to children.

Our Christian Values also link to the Golden Rules written by the children here at Newick C. E. School.


Golden Rules

Always try to be the best you can be.

Be respectful and polite to everyone.

Behave responsibly.

Be kind and caring.

Wear our school uniform with pride.

Treat all school property and equipment correctly.

Respect other peoples’ beliefs and cultures.

Be truthful and honest.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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